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Xtraordinary Apple Peeler


  • No longer struggle shaving apple skin with this one handed Xtraordinary Apple Peeler.
  • Spring-loaded, flexible blade arm peels over all apple shapes and bumps.
  • Because the spring loaded blade peels the apple skin in one continuous motion, there is no mess. All that remains is one long piece of apple skin that is easily picked up and thrown out.
  • Convenient suction cups on bottom of Spin N' Peel create a strong suction to the countertop, preventing the Spin N' Peel from sliding.
  • Both blade and turn handle are easily removed for convenient cleaning.
  • How to Use:
  • - Install handle by sliding handle over handle and knob.
  • - Place apple on Pin Head and Position blade under apple by turning handle.
  • - Simply turn handle to start peeling.
  • Blade will automatically move away from apple.
  • Blade can be removed for cleaning by pulling off blade arm.